Educational Credentials:

B. Arch, Polytechnic University  of Puerto Rico – Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, 2006


Courses Taught:

ARAC 101 Fundamentals of Historic Preservation and Conservation

ARAD 102 Architectural Design Fundamentals II

ARAR 301 Parametric Modeling


Professional Experience:

Professor, School of Architecture, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico 2010

Architect in Training, Misla-Villalba Ponce, Puerto Rico, 2010- 2011

Architect in Training, ATELIER 66, CSP Ponce, Puerto Rico, 2002- 2010

Architect in Training, Anastylosis Restauro, Inc. Ponce, Puerto Rico, 2002- 2010

Vice-president Board of Directors, Centro Ponceño de Vida Independiente (CEPVI) Ponce, Puerto Rico, 2007-2009

Architect Assitant, Versus Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, 2002-2004

Architect Assitant, Erwin Rodriguez & Asociados Santurce, Puerto Rico, 2000-2002

Architect Assitant, Arq. Victor Diaz Paunetto Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, 1999

Architect Assitant, Praxis de Arquitectura Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1996-1998

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Conference at ACSA 2000 Annual Meeting Los Angeles, California

“Nomad Dwellings”

Conference at ACSA 1999 Southeast Regional Conference San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Nomad Dwellings”



CAAPPR Architect in Training, No. 20067, Puerto Rico