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frascos2Biotechnology posed an interesting alternative to improve our crops and food supply. The application of many molecular methodologies is instrumental in the research, analysis and diagnosis of diverse health and crops conditions. These seminar series pretend to provide an insight of those topics of interest to our community and their possible applications.

Since Feb 2011, the Biotechnology and Agrobiotechnolgy Research and Learning Center (CEIBA) has committed to designed courses to train professionals worldwide in topics ranging from basic and introductory concepts to new advances and cutting-edge technology. CEIBA courses are offered in a variety of formats: Public offering, Client Site and Online. CEIBA is located in Ponce, in the southern part of the island of Puerto Rico.


Public Offering

CEIBA offers a series of courses intended to gain or extend knowledge in biotechnology and molecular practices. Many of our courses with laboratory practices intents to combine theory with practice. The courses are intended for Biotechnology type industry, Graduate, Medical or Forensic career in addition to college students. This list is constantly expanding, so visit our webpage for the most current upcoming courses.

Online Training

CEIBA Online Training program offers you another way to experience Technical Training as the perfect complement to our Public and Client Specific courses. Now you can easily access the knowledge you need through the Internet, from anywhere in the world. Improve your performance on the job and increase your value to your employer. Our Online Training courses are listed in section course reference. This list is constantly expanding, so visit our Courses & Workshops page for the most current upcoming courses.

Client Specific Training

Take advantage of the benefits Client Specific training offers: cost effective, convenient, and customised one-on-one attention. Any course in this listing can be brought to your company and tailored to your specific needs. For further information, please contact Client Specific Programs: 787-841-2000 Ext. 2551.